Interview Dr. Sandy Kirk, a Leading Expert on Mending Broken Relationships between Fathers and Sons

With over 20 years of experience in helping hundreds of teens and young adults heal from their father-wounds, Dr. Sandy has answers to help solve the crisis of fatherless boys. She has an M.S. in Secondary Education and a Ph.D. in Intercultural Studies, and she has founded a camp and retreat center on the Gulf Coast where she teaches teens and Millennials and holds retreats for adults.  Dr. Sandy has written 26 books and taught in England, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Scotland, Germany, India, Kenya, Bulgaria, Nicaragua, Peru, Indonesia, Canada and many places in the U.S.  She hosted her own radio show, has been interviewed on several radio and TV programs, and was a contributing editor for Good News Magazine.


  • Angry Boys Shoot Bullets Sandy has compelling true stories and genuine answers for how to mend father-wounds and curtail the tragedy of school shootings.

  • Are Fatherless Boys More Prone to Suicides and School Shootings? Sandy will share facts on the link between fatherlessness, shootings and suicides, and offer 3 powerful steps for how fathers can mend their broken boys.
  • Our Babies Are Drowning When Dr. Sandy was a baby, a massive ocean wave swept her out of her father’s arms.  Now she uses this story as a metaphor for a massive wave of depression and anger that has swept over a whole generation.
  •  Will Toxic Masculinity Increase if Dads Affirm their Sons’ Manhood? Learn why one of the greatest messages a son can receive from his dad is “Son, you have become a real man!”  Most dads never give this affirmation because they never received it themselves.
  • Can Vulnerability with a Son Open His Heart? Discover how asking a son’s forgiveness and telling him your own story of pain can open his heart and restore mutual respect.
  • What Can Mothers Do to Help Their Troubled Sons? Sandy will give real-life examples on how moms can help their broken boys.
  • Can Restoring the First Amendment in Schools Curb Bullying? Why allowing freedom of all religions in American schools will cause a rise in ethics and morality and a decline in cruel bullying.


Other Topics:
  • How Can Restoring the First Amendment Curb School Shootings?
  • How Can Telling Your Story to Your Son Open His Heart?
  • What is True Fatherhood?


Dr. Sandy Davis Kirk
12251 County Rd.
91 Lillian, AL 36549

School shootings, crime, depression, and suicides are often triggered by fatherlessness. In Reaching Your Son’s Heart, Dr. Sandy shows how to mend father-wounds and resolve the epidemic of fatherlessness in America.