School shootings, crime, depression, suicides… Many people blame fatherlessness as the leading cause. But rather than casting blame on dads, Dr. Sandy shows us how to mend the father-wounds and resolve the epidemic of angry sons.

Are you a dad who longs to be restored to your son?  Do you ache to have a relationship with him again, but the wall of separation seems too high?   

Or, are you a mom who yearns to see your son’s father-wound healed and forgiveness flowing between them?  Even if your husband has left the family, your son needs a father. 

In Reaching Your Son’s Heart, Dr. Sandy shares the compelling story of a father — Bradley Hudson — who experiences the nightmare of his son’s near death from suicide and a shooting at the local high school, with his son the likely killer.  When Bradley learns five powerful steps for restoring his son, he is able to heal their relationship and mend his broken boy. This can happen for you, too.


Dad Where are You?

“This book is for the daughters and sons, wounded from abandonment by their dads.  It is faith-based and has helped countless teens and young adults be healed of their father-wounds”   — Sandy D. Kirk, Ph. D.


This Is What Readers Have Said About This Book:

“We finally got our son, who was using heavy drugs and far away from God, to read this book. After seeing the graphic description of Jesus on the cross in this book, as he never saw Him before, he wept so hard he gave his life to God and is still walking with Him today.”
– A mother from Scotland

“When I read this book, I began to see my pain, my hurts, my wounds in His wounds. I saw how He carried all my years of depression, suicide and childhood wounds. I was completely undone and my heart was pierced to bring Jesus the reward of His suffering.”
– Thomas White, minister

Dr. Sandy Kirk helps us realize that painful experience in life are common, but our reaction to them need not be common. Through love and understanding, one can not only heal and revive their own life, but also the lives of everyone in their spheres of influence.”
– Dr. Ben Carson


Revised Edition Coming in June 2020!