Reaching Your Son's Heart

5 Powerful Steps for Mending the Relationship Between a Father and His Son
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Where Dr. Sandy Squarely Faces Our Current Crisis with our sons.
Even if your husband
has left the family, his son still needs a father.

reaching your son’s heart

  • Are you a dad who longs to be restored to your son? 
  • Do you ache to have a relationship with him again, but the wall of separation seems too high?  
  •  Or, are you a mom who yearns to see your son’s father-wound healed and forgiveness flowing between them? 

Even if your husband has left the family, your son needs a father. 

In Reaching Your Son’s Heart, Dr. Sandy shares the compelling story of a father, Bradley Hudson, who experiences the nightmare of his son’s near death from suicide and a shooting at the local high school, with his son the likely killer.  When Bradley learns five powerful steps for restoring his son, he is able to heal their relationship and mend his broken boy. This can happen for you, too.

Who is Sandy Davis Kirk?

Welcome to our website where Dr. Sandy squarely faces our current crisis with our sons.

School shootings, crime, depression, and suicides are often triggered by fatherlessness.

But rather than point a finger at the absent fathers, Dr. Sandy Kirk shows how to mend father-wounds, restore relationships, and resolve the epidemic of fatherlessness.

A wave of depression and anger has swept over our children, especially our boys. On this website you will find the book — Reaching Your Son’s Heart — which will help you be restored to your son. Because I’ve worked with so many teens and young adults and helped them mend their father-wounds, I believe I can help you, too.

I also have a book for your son or daughter which has helped many young people turn their lives around — Dad Where are You?. It is a spiritual book, but it has impacted many who were on drugs at the time, and who have now been restored.

To help the dads, I offer you the book Reaching Your Son’s Heart.

This will be followed up by a father and son retreat at my camp on the Gulf Coast on Father’s Day. It will be life-changing and help you put the five steps for restoring your relationship with your son into practice.

It will help heal our sons.


( June 24-28, 2021)

Hear the stories and amazing guest speakers. Experience fire tunnels, worship in the chapel, and communion in the prayer garden.

Roast hot dogs and marshmallows over the campfire, enjoy steaks on the grill, play sand volleyball, kickball or softball, basketball or tennis, swim at our camp or on the beautiful white-sand beaches of the Gulf Coast. Restore the bond with your son, grandson, or godson!

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Interview Dr. Sandy Kirk, a Leading Expert on Mending Broken Relationships between Fathers and Sons

With 20 years’ experience in helping teens and millennials, Dr. Sandy is a veteran speaker and a high school and college teacher. She has written 26 books and has earned a Masters Degree in Secondary Education and a Ph.D. in Intercultural Studies. She has taught in England’s Cambridge University and America’s Florida State University. She has spoken in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Scotland, Germany, India, Kenya, Bulgaria, Nicaragua, Peru, Indonesia, Canada, and many places in the U.S.